Starting in the upper left we have  Grandpaw Randy Gann, from McLeansville, NC. Grandpaw Randy plays the Mandolin and sings bass and also some lead vocals. Grandpaw Randy is married and has two sons, two daughter-in-laws, and now has four grand-children.

Jeff Reese is next in line also from McLeansville, NC. Jeff plays the lead Acoustic guitar and does most of the lead vocals for the group. Jeff Reese is also the one who started the Strings of Faith. Jeff Reese is married and has one son, Dillon.

 The gentleman standing in the center of the back row is Jerry Hamilton. Jerry is our sound engineer. Jerry Hamilton was born in Asheboro, NC., but moved to McLeansville in the late 1960's and has lived here ever since, raising two sons, and four grand-daughters.

The young gentleman standing in front with the black shirt is Justin Church. Justin is our youngest band member. Justin plays the banjo and adds a great bluegrass tenor voice. Justin is married to Sarah-Margaret. They are the proud parents of 2 beautiful girls, Payton and Abigail.

 Front right corner stands Jerry Murrell. Jerry adds a lot of experience to the group, Jerry plays the rhythm guitar and also brings in great lead vocals. Jerry has been involved in bluegrass for more than twenty years while traveling with a group called Triple M Bluegrass. Jerry is also from Gibsonville, NC. is married and a farmer.

 Standing upper right hand corner is Kenneth Hamilton from McLeansville, NC.. Kenneth plays the bass and sings some lead vocals. Kenneth is married and has two daughters, the oldest, Megan sings with the group.We all share the same passion for sharring GODS word in music and testimony.